Saturday, February 04, 2017

Day 22

It was a Good Friday. The two younger kids were off school today. I didn't wake up until 9:15 this morning. I didn't hear Dale leave for work, nor Chloe leave for school. It was blissful.

Neve and I went to Oh Doughnuts. She had a salted caramel popcorn doughnut and I had a ginger lime filled one. And then we split a chocolate glazed one. So much for watching my carbs. Totally worth it though.

We did some other errands and running-around, and then my neighbor came over for happy hour. Right after that, Dale and I went to La Roca and had a delightful dinner with Stephen & Sheri-Lee. Good food, good company and a super-loud dude at the next table.

It's late so I'm hoping this will post before midnight. Gotta get my day in!


L said...

Drat! Missed it by seconds!

Daniel said...

I think it counts, as long as you post before you go to sleep!
I'm so jealous that you can sleep in like that!! I've completely lost that ability. The doughnut meal sounds amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Gosh. That guy was loud. Steve came home and watched an episode of 'Community' then got up abruptly and said, "I'm going to bed. Too many loud people tonight." It was not quite 11, which is early for Steve on a Friday night. Ah, introverts. They're so cute.

I squeezed in a couple more chapters of Harry Potter -- halfway done the last one now. The home stretch.


someone said...

Sheri-Lee, how on EARTH did you and Steve ever start dating??

xo Sio.

L said...

haha, Sio!

S-L, Dale and I were probably some of the loud people Steve was tired of!! Or maybe it was you! haha :) Well, he did very well last night and we had a really good time. We appreciate him going beyond his comfort zone!