Saturday, February 04, 2017

Day 23

If you look closely, you can see the Canadian flag reflected in the second window on the left. It was a lot clearer and closer in real and gave me patriotic chills (not to be dramatic or anything).
Today marked my introduction to activism. I missed the women's walk a couple of weeks ago (the day after Trump was elected) because I didn't know about it in time, so when I heard there was a Walk for Human Rights at the Forks today, I jumped right on that bandwagon. It would have been even more exciting if we were angrily protesting something, but walking together for human rights, inclusivity, and love seemed like a cool thing to do. I was going to go alone but in the end Dale came with me and he was glad he did. We listened to a couple of speeches that made us proud to be Winnipeggers/Canadians and then did a little jaunt around the outside of the Human Rights Museum. It was fun to see all the people and hang out and be part of a movement that accepts and welcomes  people instead of turning them away. We met a few people we knew and it was a really warm atmosphere. "Warm" is probably the wrong word; my toes were pretty cold by the end, even in my good winter boots. But my hands were toasty in my awesome furry bright turquoise mitts. I even made a sign that said "All you need is love ... and maybe warm mitts." It was probably unclear to people whether I was declaring my love for people or love of my mitts. I actually love both about equally.
So yeah, if you have a cause you need protesters or supporters for, I'm in. I'll even bring my sign. And my mitts, of course.

Look at these girls. This is our neighbor/friend/third daughter and Neve. They're the same age, same size, with similar-coloured hair. You can't see it at this distance, but they both have freckles too. What are the chances of two almost identical girls, born eleven days apart, living just meters away from each other? Or maybe they look alike because they live so close. Insert mailman joke here. However it happened, it's pretty sweet having an almost-twin living just down the street. These two do gymnastics together, plus they've done baby groups, soccer, ballet, hip hop, and camps together their entire lives. They go to different schools though, which is probably okay. Sometimes it's nice having a friend apart from your school life. She's a super sweet kid and we're pretty fond of her.

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Daniel said...

Haha, I love the 'warm mitts' sign! Those are awesome mitts!!
Pretty nice - and funny, for Neve to have a twin nearby!