Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 25

Okay, here I am, getting back on track for the last five days of my 30 day challenge that took 40 days.

As I said, it was a busy week at work. Besides my regular work, I have four trips in the works at various stages right now. I had an information session for the India & Dubai trip on Tuesday evening. We had a decent turn out and got a few bookings that night. There's been good interest, for good reason. The price is really good at $3340 per person, which includes almost everything: airfare, hotels, taxes, fees, sightseeing, and some meals. If you've ever thought of going to India or Dubai, you should come! Or if you're like me and India isn't necessarily at the top of your list, you should still come! I know someone who went on this tour a few months ago and she said India is exactly like you expect it to be: crowded, dirty, noisy, and smelly. But she said it was incredible and amazing to experience and she was so glad she went. The nice thing about this trip is that it's only 6 nights in India, so if the thought of India overwhelms you, this is perfect. We stay in nice hotels, see the best of India, eat at good restaurants, and have excellent guides who know their history and make it interesting. And you get to see the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

Then we head to Dubai, where the streets are basically made of marble and it looks like the city gets vacuumed every night. We spend three nights in Dubai, plus an optional extension of two nights in Abu Dhabi. Dubai is insane. You want to dive with sharks? Sure. Go up the tallest building in the world? Sure (the elevator travels 260 floors in 60 seconds). See the world's only 7 star hotel? Yup. (you can't go in unless you're a guest or have made reservations to go for coffee. The price: $150. It better be a good cup of coffee.) Play tennis on a heli-pad way above the ocean? Why not? Ski in an indoor ski slope? Of course. Here's a pretty fun link: I can't verify the accuracy of the photo captioned "A regular sight at the local dump" but you never know.

I have one huge concern about this trip. You're thinking maybe the long flights? Seeing the poverty of India and feeling helpless and hopeless? The possibility of getting sick from unfamiliar food? No. I wish those were my biggest issues. The thing that scares me most is that we could be aboard a flight with falcons. Maybe you've seen this picture going around the internet:

It's real. I checked Here's the story on CNN (Trump says CNN is fake news ... this is one time I'm hoping he's right).

To quote from the article: According to its website, Qatar Airways will allow a passenger to travel with one falcon as an economy class passenger and a maximum of six falcons are permitted within the entire cabin ... (other airlines allow falcons as well).

What the hell?!? And yes, swearing is justified in this situation. Can you imagine?! Even if you weren't scared of birds, I'd think this would be a little disconcerting. Would they fly around the cabin? Would they shit everywhere? If there are falcons on any of our flights, I'm going to have to abandon the group. And then I'll walk home.

Apparently Arabs love falcons. Falconry is huge there. I've never used the word "falconry" before. There's even a hospital dedicated strictly to falcons:

But if you're not scared of falcons, you should come! We're going to have a really good group and we're going to see some crazy shit!

Okay, I'm done with the swearing and the sales pitch.

Other happenings this week ... Neve is down to her last few months at her elementary school so we're now scouting out schools for next year. We went to LCS's open house this week and have another school to check out next week. She's pretty easy going and would be fine with either school.

I had three restaurant meals this week: one with the travel rep who came from Toronto to do the India & Dubai presentation (Clay Oven), one with my friend Claudine's mom who was visiting from Nova Scotia (Boun's on Marion), and last night we went to Peasant Cookery with some friends. We had a lot of fun ... good food, good friends, lots of laughing.

Tonight is Kornelsentine Eve. My nieces are over for a sleepover in anticipation of our chocolate cake breakfast tomorrow. I always try to do it on Feb. 14, but Chloe and Tia have early classes so we're doing it tomorrow instead.


someone said...

This might have been one often funniest blogs of yours ever. Were you drinking when you wrote this???

Ok, I love birds, but even I might turn back if I got on a plane full of falcons. That's just weird. They'd steal my pretzels!

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the font in this comment box INCREDIBLY SMALL. I have to squint just to see what I'm typing. So forgive ay typos. I am pretty much doing this blind.

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Oh wow, that sales pitch sure took a weird, abrupt, and funny turn!! Yeah, I think I'd be walking home with you! There is NO need for that kind of shit! I MIGHT understand if they had to be in cages, but sounds like most of the airlines mentioned allow them in-caged.
Have a great breakfast!! That's such an awesome tradition!!!
Sio, the print is the same size as usual. You know, there are some great-looking reading glasses for people of a certain age these days...

someone said...

You listen here, Daniel James Friesen....

No, James isn't mennonite enough. Peter? Yoder? John? Oooooh It's John isn't it!!!

You listen here, Daniel John Friesen!!

Meh. I'm over it now. As you were!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Ummmm my name is James.

someone said...

Hahahah! Sorry, Jim!! ;p

Anonymous said...

Poor Jim...the un-Mennonite-named-Mennonite. :P

I see our dinner out rubbed off on you. That's some good swearing in this blog. How many drinks did you have while typing it? And yes, that is some crazy shit in Dubai. What the heck?!

Remember to ask Stephen about his foray into falconry.


Stephen said...

If I had the time and the resources: I could definitely see myself getting into falconry. Heck (sorry, I'm only on minced-oath level swearing), if they offered a course in falconry, that'd increase my desire to go on that Dubai trip. (Sorry).
You'd have nothing to worry about, btw, of their hoods stayed on. Of course, desert air could cause turbulence whereby they'd lose their hoods and you'd be f'd.


L said...

I love all these comments! Obviously I need to keep up the swearing!

And no, Steve - I'm not going to promote falconry pursuits on this trip! In fact, I ban the very word falconry!