Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 27

It's the end of another era. Tomorrow Neve has her last class Valentines Day party. At least I assume it's the last; I don't remember the other kids doing it in grade 7. That's kind of sad because her and I love coming up with fun valentine ideas. However, I don't miss those early years when the kids were still learning to print and writing the "to" and "from" names on the valentines was a punishment. We'd start in January sometimes and write a few each day. That's when you really appreciate small class sizes. My heart would drop when I'd hear of a new kid coming. Some parents were smart and just wrote the names themselves. That horrified me at the time and I admit I did think a tiny bit less of them, but they had the last laugh. They saved themselves a lot of stress and frustration and after a few weeks, I couldn't have told you which parents did it. And if my memory serves me correctly, I never received one award for making my kids do it themselves. I should have though.


someone said...

Are those fat free, all natural, gluten free, sweetened with bees wings, peanut free, organic, gelation free, non dairy, vegan, paleo, non whip, almond milk, no wheat, half caf, decaf, non chokeable, chocolate free chocolates?

xo Sio

L said...

They surely aren't. Which reminds me, I was at least going to buy non-bulk chocolates for the peanut allergy kid. oops.