Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 28

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Our main celebrations were on Sunday, but we did a little celebrating today too. I made cookies this morning (Pillsbury heart cookies from a package) but most of them are still uneaten because I guess people are getting sugared-out around here. Plus a friend dropped some cute cookies off for us and hers were better.

Dale got me three different types of chocolate - actually four, because I found more on my pillow. He's pretty sweet that way. Since we went out a few times last week, we just went to Shawarma Khan for dinner tonight.

I just spent a LONG time trying to find a good picture of Dale and I to post, but no one is sorrier (sorryer? both look wrong) than me to tell you that no such photo exists. There are very few of us together, and in the ones there are, we look as stiff and posed as the American Gothic painting. Dale may as well be holding a pitchfork.

This is us in Florida in 2011. We still wear all those clothes, in fact that's still one of my go-to tops.

This is us in 2012 or whenever Jim turned 40. It's not super obvious, but we are attempting to dress in 80s attire.

It's not getting any better. This is us in 2012. Dale chipped his tooth at the start of our trip and looks like a hillbilly in every picture. There I am wearing the same top.

This one is still pretty stiff and unnatural, but it's the best of the bunch (Vietnam 2015). Not wearing the purple shirt, but I'm pretty sure I took it along on that trip.


I think we need to book a professional photographer and get some portraits taken. I pity our children trying to dig up pictures for our surprise 50th anniversary party. What a dismal slideshow that's going to be.

We've been through a lot together: some bad, but mostly good. What's important is that we still love each other after all these years! So what if we don't have any pictures to prove it?


Daniel said...

Sweet!! Love IS way more important than good photos! And a good go-to top is pretty nice to have.

someone said...

hahahahah! If you guys were a celebrity couple, there would be all kinds of rumours of your impending split based on the analytics of a "psychologist who specializes in body language". Too funny. But we all know you love and adore at other!! ;p

xoxo Sio.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much love all those pictures. That's love...this is what we look like together with chipped teeth, go-to shirts from 20 years ago (I have some of those), hamming it up for 40th birthdays...anyone can look awesome in a picture done by a professional photographer -- even if the love is not there. If you've got pictures where you're not looking awesome but you're together...that's love, my friend. At least I hope so, because that's all our pictures too. :)