Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 29

For my last two days of daily blogging, I'll go back to the highs & lows.

  • Another early morning yoga class (it's getting easier!)
  • Going for breakfast with an old school friend (the emphasis is on "school friend", not "old" or "old school"). We were close friends growing up and even though I rarely see her now, we always have lots to talk about when we do meet up. Long-time friends are more and more precious to me as I grow older (it's hard to use the word precious without saying it in my head like Gollum).
  • Going for the first run in weeks while Neve was at swimming lessons
  • A delicious supper/snack of fresh salsa and fajitas at my niece Bailey's Pampered Chef party. I was starving and it was so yummy. Speaking of Pampered Chef, if anyone has something they've been wanting to order from there, I'm sure Bailey could add it to her order. I'm pretty excited about a whipped cream maker I ordered. It promises to make whipped cream in 30 seconds. I will be testing and timing that the second it arrives. You can see their products here.


Hmm, there's nothing really bad to report. We're trying to make some school decisions that I didn't expect to be making, but we've got two good options to choose from so it's not actually a negative thing. Oh, Spencer was home sick today, but honestly it was kind of nice having him lying on the couch while I worked. Except today was when report cards were sent home and he wasn't there to get his. He tells us so little about what goes on at school so the report card is one of the only barometers I have of his school life. Now I have to wait until tomorrow. Life is hard.

And finally, here's both a low and a high. The mermaid tail blanket I ordered for Neve for Christmas never arrived. The company I ordered it from (Rosegal) claim it was lost by the shipping company and say it's not their fault and because I didn't purchase insurance, too bad for me. However, they said because I was a "valued customer" - even though I've never ordered anything from them before and never will again - they would let me buy the same item again at 50% off OR they'd give me a store credit for 50% of the amount. We messaged back and forth quite a few times, with them firmly sticking to their offer and me refusing it. But eventually they agreed to refund the whole amount to my VISA. This was a pleasant surprise for me because I am actually very poor at negotiating and rarely achieve success. But we still don't have a mermaid tail blanket, much to Neve's dismay.

Your turn to share your highs & lows. Don't be shy!


Daniel said...

Nice work on the refund! I might have to get your help with something we ordered but have not received - but then again, Canada Post is probably still working on it - we recently received a card "returned to sender" that Jenn sent about 9 months ago.

Low: got my third flat on my bike in the last month or so.

High: hmm, for a change, it's harder to think of a high... I'll go with - the patching job went reasonably quickly, and held? Kinda lame.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about the ways you incorporate whipped cream into your meal planning!

Anonymous said...

High - impromptu lunch out with Steve at Hermano's which kind of felt like free because we had a group-on.

Low - expressed frustration at crying kids who can't seem to remember the regular routine of home chores/school chores/etc.


someone said...

hahaha Sheri-Lee, your "low" comment made me laugh.

High - Life is pretty great right now. Nothing specific. Just all of it.

Low: There are a LOT of dirty dishes in the kitchen (how do 2 people create such havoc in 24 hours??). Sheri-Lee - send me your kids! I don't care if they are crying, so long as they do my dishes!!

xo Sio

Rose said...

Sorry the mermaid tail blanket didn't work out. I got one for Karissa from It seems to be very good quality but it was pricy. Thankfully, all I had to do was order it since it was a gift from my MIL.

As always, enjoy your writing!

Rose said...

I meant to say that I enjoy your writing. Sounds like I am telling you to enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheri-Lee, our kids( mostly the older one) seem to forget simple routines as well! Very frustrating!! Whaaaat?! I have to brush my teeth?!? Go pee before bed?!?

My day was mediocre. High- made yummy wraps for my lunch.
Low- my Mexican tan is fading...........