Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 30

I'm wrapping up the series with another day of mediocre highs and lows. I'm sure I've made you all jealous with the non-stop excitement that is my life. In my defense, January and February are not my best months. July and August would be better. So much better in fact that there wouldn't be time to blog every day because I'd be out enjoying life. I don't hate winter as much as I used to, but it definitely still sucks away some of my joy. I feel half alive most days. That sounds extreme but it's kind of true. Well, let's say three-quarters alive; it's not that bad.

  • Yoga.
  • I washed the van today. It's dirty already, but it sure felt good for about thirty seconds.
  • Watching Gilmore Girls tonight. It's been tougher to fit it in lately so it was a treat.

  • Work stuff that makes me raise my eyebrows. Lately there's been a duplication of work that is pointless and time-wasting and it's starting to bug me.
  • Chocolate. You're probably thinking that's in the wrong category, but there's so much of it around since Valentines Day and it's all so delicious that I can't stop nibbling. I'm trying to pace myself but I'm wondering if I should just eat it all in one day and get it over with.
  • Spencer felt good enough to go to school today but he forgot to pick up his report card today, despite my last words to him as he walked out the door being "don't forget your report card."

I wasn't kidding when I said mediocre. Let's see if you can do better. Special shout-out to Dan, Sheri-Lee, and Siobhan for playing along. Honourable mention to Jim and Steve and anyone else who commented. Thanks for reading, everyone! I'll be back!


L said...

Now I need to add Rose to my honourable mention list as well. I saw her comment about the mermaid blanket on the last post right after I posted today's entry. Just checked out that website - they do look like better quality than others I've seen. Maybe someone I know can sew it for me ... like my favourite sister???

Daniel said...

Hah! Work stuff that makes you raise your eyebrows - that's my low today - the disappointment of getting my T4, and finding that the company name is misspelled! Architects is spelled Architechts. And nobody caught it! How?!!?!?

High was enjoying the shades of purple, pink, and mauve on my way home as the sun went down, and enjoying the amazing aroma of the Sweetbox blossom.

Anonymous said...

High - gorgeous weather and I was off at 3 pm.
Low- can't keep the vehicles clean?! But I'll take the nice weather!


someone said...

High: being the guniea pig for a friend's webinar and having an amazing heart to heart about the challenges of making a living as a yoga teacher.

Also: the two awesome kids I looked after today (separately). The almost 3 year old I had in the a.m. is just too hilarious and adorable (I've had her for almost 2 years now). And the super fat and bald 6 month old boy that I just want to SQUEEZE all day long. He's new to me and it's a temp job as they are moving provinces soon but he's a chubby little delight.

low: The mom of the almost 3 year old lost HER mom last night (complications with MS). And the worst part is (well, in addition to the worst), she was booked to fly home to see her mom this weekend. Now she is headed there to plan a funeral.

xo Sio