Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long weekend

Well, that was a nice long weekend. The holiday is Louis Riel Day, but in other provinces it's Family Day, so I always feel pressure to do things with the kids. I kept seeing pictures on social media of families at Festival du Voyageur (I'm looking at you, Corinna), the zoo, the Forks, and engaged in various outdoor winter activities.
That was not the case here. Neve had back-to-back sleepovers, Chloe was away most of the weekend, and Spencer was ...well, Spencer. Yesterday I was overcome by the desire to at least have all the kids in the same room at the same time, so I gave them the choice of going skating at the Forks for a couple of hours or playing Dutch Blitz. I was almost disappointed how easily they fell into my trap and basically begged to play Blitz. I thought I had raised them to be more suspicious of things that sound too good to be true. But I was still pretty pleased with my success, even though I had to leave for yoga before the game was over.
Dale and I proved we can have fun without the children by going to Hecla for the day on Saturday. We stopped in Arborg at my cousin Johnny's bakery for some sweet treats and then headed to Dale's brother and sister-in-law's cottage. They had a fire going and it was so warm and cozy and peaceful. But the best part was hanging out in their sauna and doing our own version of the Thermea cycle. The people ice-fishing on the lake seemed surprised to see people in their swim suits rolling in the snow on the lake every fifteen minutes. We should have acted surprised to see people in their snow suits sitting by a hole in the ice. Once we were all saunaed-out (what's up, spellcheck? You don't think "saunaed" is a word?), we had a delicious dinner, played some Rook, and drove home late at night. It was such a great day.

The other days were a good mix of relaxing and productivity: I did lots of laundry; everyone got clean sheets for Louis Riel day, which is pretty special. We have a certain girl's birthday to celebrate tomorrow, so time was spent on preparations. I went for my first outdoor run in ages on Sunday and did yoga Friday, Saturday and Monday. My yoga month ends tomorrow which I'm really sad about. I definitely got my money's worth - I went almost every day. I loved feeling the heat (even though I continue to smell like stale salt & vinegar chips) and I feel like I got stronger. I'm hoping to still go to occasional classes but I really need to increase my running and cardio in general.
In unrelated news, Spencer finally brought his report card home from school today.


Anonymous said...

What?! Spencer's report gets a cursory one line teaser??

Whenever you post about your time in Hecla with Dale's brother, I have to confess to envy. Gosh, what's up with my brother and why doesn't he have a beautiful and idyllic cottage/sauna/amazingness to share with me. Wait...maybe he does and he's just never told me about it...he never like sharing.

Thermea, even if it's your own version still makes me happy.


L said...

Spencer's report card was mostly excellent with one not-so-excellent mark. I just wish the teachers would write personal comments (sorry, teachers, I know that's a lot of work!) since I'm craving any school information I can get.

I'm sorry to make you jealous about the cottage, S-L. Tell your brother to make that happen!!