Monday, April 03, 2017

Birthday #3

I interrupt my 3-part spring break series to make an important announcement: Spencer went and turned 16 today.

My little finger-sucking, gecky-addicted, train-obsessed baby boy is a distant memory. Now he's tall and silent and hides in his room a lot. He doesn't like to spend a lot of time with the family and communicates with us as little as possible.

But he's a good kid. He's super conscientous and works hard in school. He's independent, smart, and does (almost) everything I ask him to without complaining. He likes to laugh and enoys doing improv on his school team. He's generous with buying gifts and rarely asks us for money, not even for school field trips or fees. (For example: he got glasses a few months ago and expressed concern about the cost. He seemed surprised when I assured him that is something parents/insurance pays for. For reasons that are not clear, he just assumed he'd pay for them himself.)

Lately there's been a glimmer of a social life. For the past two years, he insisted the social interaction he gets during the school day is enough for him and he has no desire to see anyone outside of school. But that's changed recently and he's been going out with friends on almost a weekly basis. It gives me hope that we will eventually veer away from the anti-social brooding era into a mature, social, friendly one.

When Chloe turned sixteen, we had a surprise party for her. I knew Spencer would hate that but I couldn't think of any good alternatives so I decided to do it anyway. It was a lot of fun. At least for us and the guests; I can't speak for Spencer. I know it wouldn't have been his first choice but I know he felt special and it was definitely memorable.

I had told him that I'd invite a few family members over on Sunday to celebrate, to which he reluctantly agreed. But when he arrived home from record shopping with Chloe on Saturday, he was greeted by 40 of us yelling SURPRISE!

I only took a few pictures, which I already regret. There were a LOT of people in our little house and things were kind of chaotic so I didn't get many good ones. My nephew Jonathan video'd Spencer's arrival, which was awesome. Spencer played it so cool but it took him a while to process everything!

The two littlest guests:


It was a super fun evening. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a huge success!

Today, on his actual birthday, Spencer requested a homemade meal of chicken pot pie instead of going out to eat. Unfortunately that means I not only had to cook, but I had to cook meat. Good thing his birthday only comes once a year. The birthday dessert consisted of scoops of raw cookie dough. And yes, there were raw eggs in it. Take that, haters. (I don't think I have haters, it's just fun to say.).

We got Spencer a bike for his birthday, which he didn't really want but his old one was way too small. He also got records, a Pearls Before Swine comic book and tickets to a concert (not to mention lots of gift cards and cash from his surprise party). The celebrations ended with a round of Dutch Blitz and then he worked on his history project the rest of the evening.

I'll end with yet another cute baby picture. I wish I could pick up and snuggle that baby. He was the best napper ever and always loved to cuddle when he woke up. He's not so cuddly now but I guess it wouldn't be quite normal if he was. I love this kid and feel so lucky to be his mom!


someone said...

AW, lil Spencer. So adorable. And a great kid. I still laugh at the fact that you threw him a surprise party. I do love, though, that you have so many around you who love to celebrate one another.

Happy 16, Spencer!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Spencer. I didn't come to your surprise party because I knew you'd hate it. :P

Sorry, but, you were soooooo cute.


Daniel said...

I love your kids! I love how you talk about your kids!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I like your before pictures. :) hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Shoot. That above comment is for your next post. Ignore it or delete it.