Wednesday, April 05, 2017

House projects - Spring break part 2

This was the sky tonight as we drove home from a very quick trip to Rosenort to see my cousin who is visiting. Nothing like a prairie sunset.

Continuing on with my 3-part spring break series ...

I'd been talking about painting the living room for about a year. Projects move slowly around here.
I really liked the mauve-ish colour (even though it was technically a grey that somehow looked like purple) but after eight years, I was ready for something new and fresh.

Here are the before pics:

After: (how do you like that for a dramatic contrast?!)

I love the all-white look that's everywhere these days and decided to try it. So I dedicated last Tuesday and Wednesday to painting.

I don't know if it was the paint brand (though I've used it before and liked it) or my skill level, but even after three coats of paint (with a built-in primer), it's still not perfect. However, since I wasn't willing to spend any more of my time painting, imperfect it is. I was only going to paint the living room, but in the end I also painted the dining room and the hallway.

I still need to put up more pictures and stuff but right now I'm basking in the stark, bare white-ness. Doesn't that sound cozy? Right now I'm choosing tranquil and uncluttered over cozy.

My friend Rachel gave me the idea for the framed contrasted area above the mantel. She suggested putting a round mirror up, but since I already had this metal wall-hanging thing, I'm using it for now.

I also painted the end table and coffee table, which was super frustrating because there are so many tricky round legs to paint and it took way longer than I thought it would. I knew I should be using furniture paint but I was lazy and just used the paint I used for the walls. Sure enough, it's already all knicked and scratched and now I have to go buy the right paint and do it all over again. Not sure what I was thinking.

I made a little feature wall in the hallway, painted the same colour as above the mantel. This wall has been a wasteland until now; I've tried hanging pictures here before but since the hallway is narrow, they get bumped around and fall down. I bought these cheap frames from Michaels, spray-painted them, and stuck them to the wall with sticky-tack. I went with a family/vacation theme, but it will be super easy to change the pictures in the future. I'd like to try a black and white theme. It was tough to get a good angle for these pictures; you'll just have to come see it in person.

As is always the case when you update something, everything else looks shabby. I should paint the trim, the front entrance and the upstairs stairway and playroom. But that will probably wait another eight years.

Meanwhile, Dale set about building a balance beam for Neve. He's not the handiest person around, but after some research and shopping around for the best supplies to get the job done, he whipped up this beam in less than an hour. I was pretty impressed. We bought some fabric to cover it with, but haven't done that yet. Neve is thrilled and has been using it a lot. Last year I wanted to get rid of our play structure, but the only way she would agree to part with it is if she had a beam instead. So our yard is about to get a lot emptier. It's kind of sad to erase all traces of childhood fun but I guess that's how it goes. On a happy note, the warm weather has melted almost all the snow and it feels amazing. It's also very, very nice that Neve can now do gymnastics outside and the whole house doesn't shake like it does when she flips around upstairs.

Going back to my post about our little Saskatchewan trip, I forgot to share this gem with you:

Someone sent that link to me when I mentioned our possible spring break destination. I cringed my way almost all the way through the video before I realized it must be a parody (which is a sign of a good parody). That song stuck in our heads the whole time we were away (and it's back now that I just replayed it to get the link. oh man.) We were pumped when we spotted some of the underwhelming sights featured in the video.


Daniel said...

Awesome video. I'm definitely stopping in Regina when I'm on my way over to see your picture wall. The paint job looks great!

So cool that Neve has her own balance beam!! Nicely done, Dale! I'm very curious how you got the wood home.

The sunset is so beautiful and soft!

someone said...

I was most excited by the fact that you wrote "you will just have to come over and see it" and I thought - I CAN!! And I WILL!! In just a few weeks!! WOOT!!

I always love the redecorating posts. Can't wait to see it in real life!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

I just painted our living room/dining room white! "Nairobi clouds". Ha. We had an orange wall for 11 years. Kind of sad to see it go, but I'm loving the clean white and the change. We also knocked out a wall and made a built in floor to ceiling shelf, got a fireplace, new furniture and are building a window seat in the bay window. Tee hee.

And thanks* for the Regina that stupid Regina song is in my head. Did you watch to the end where the white map star reappears on the girl in the bikini....and also that right at the very end there is a flash of the female reproductive tract with a big red X over it? People are weird. Not you....the people who made the video. Great, this got awkward fast. :P


Anonymous said...

p.s. I love your before pictures. :) hahahahahaha

L said...

wow Sheri-Lee - you guys have been busy!! Must look great!