Sunday, April 02, 2017

Spring Break Part 1

Spring break is winding to an end. I took the whole week off work, but relaxing it was not. However, the next best thing to relaxing is being productive. I got so much accomplished that I have divided up my spring break into three sections:

  1. Mini getaway
  2. House projects
  3. Birthday celebrations

Today, I shall tell you about our weekend away. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know we went to Regina and Moose Jaw. Everyone asks "Why Regina??" There's no exciting secret reason, which makes it an even odder choice for a vacation destination. We just wanted to go away for a couple of days - Chloe still had classes, so she couldn't be gone longer - and I'm just not feeling the US right now. I'm sure we'll go again sometime but the politics and the high dollar are both deterrents. So we looked at our Canadian options, which are few in the middle of the prairies. We've always wanted to go check out the tunnels in Moose Jaw, so that's what we decided in the end. There were more hotel choices in Regina so we stayed in Regina and went to Moose Jaw for the day on Sunday. 

And I'm here to tell you that you too can have fun in Saskatchewan! We walked around downtown Regina on Saturday. They have a happening downtown mall that was surprisingly busy on a late Saturday afternoon. 

There's a bit of a pedestrian corridor near the mall and some neat shops and restaurants. An exciting moment occurred when an angry girl came running full speed and attacked a guy from behind. It wasn't a random attack; it sounded like the girl was avenging a wrong done to her cousin. Others joined in and much shouting and scuffling and coffee-spilling ensured (the guy was holding a full cup of coffee) but it didn't look too serious so we walked on.

We stayed at Comfort Suites which was nice and new and spacious, but located at the very edge of the city. Very literally; on the other side of our hotel was an endless sea of wheat fields.

There was a cool waterslide but sadly Neve is the only one of our kids who is still excited by this. She made up for Spencer and Chloe's lack of interest by going on it about a thousand times.

Luckily no one's too old or too cool for Dutch Blitz.

On our way to Moose Jaw on Sunday, we took a little detour to the town of Rouleau, where Corner Gas was filmed. We knew beforehand that the gas station itself had been demolished but it was still kind of sad. However, we saw the hotel, police station, Brent's parents' house, and the Dog River Howler office.


The Moose Jaw tunnels were next. They offer two tours: one on the Chinese immigrants who came to Moose Jaw to work after the CP railway was done; and one on the Al Capone/prohibition connection. We did them back to back and really enjoyed them. They were more of a theatrical show than actual history, but still interesting and fun.

Then we spent a few hours at the Temple Gardens mineral pool. What, you thought that was just for old people? It kind of is but we liked it anyway. It was a beautiful afternoon (the above pictures appear otherwise, but it turned sunny and warm) so we spent lots of time in the outside pool. 

Back in Regina, we ordered pizza, watched lots of HGTV and The Food Network, read and swam. It was a easy, fun little getaway. There's nothing like concentrated quality family time when you're away from all your regular responsibilities and distractions. It gets a bit too concentrated for the older kids, but they're good sports and can handle it for a few days. It made us realize that shorter excursions are better for our kids at this stage of life and has us re-thinking our summer trip plans. Maybe another trip to Regina?! Well, we may be done with Regina for a while, but we'll see what else we can come up with. Dryden, anyone?? We're going to become the poster family for obscure boring destinations.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! I think picking some random spot on the map that no one thinks of visiting unless someone has died is awesome. And I am super impressed by how well you toured Regina! It actually makes me want to go! I am going to have to look up the "tunnels" when I am done commenting. Are they actually TUNNELS?? I don't get it. But see? Curiosity for a prairie city is PIQUED!!

The Corner Gas site was cool! I didn't watch the show that much but that would have been fun to see. Why was the gas station destroyed? See?? MORE curiosity!! You should be a tour coordinator. Oh, wait, you do that already. Granted Mumbai isn't Regina, so I think your task was particularly challenging on this one and you nailed it!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Regina. Fights. Yep. We're hitting Moose Jaw on the way home on the Western Road Trip in August (planning to stay at Temple Garden Spas. Hahah).

Dryden. Worse. Also, Dryden stinks i.e. it actually smells ... really bad.