Friday, April 07, 2017

Spring break part 3 - Spencer's birthday and other stuff

We've already talked about Spencer's surprise party, but Thursday to Saturday were my planning and prep days. Grocery shopping, cleaning, making a poster and a quiz, making/buying decorations and balloons and preparing food and drink. It doesn't sound like that much but combined with other stuff going on that week, it was hectic. I made an enormous batch of vegetarian chili; we could have easily fed another 40 people with the leftovers and I'm not even exaggerating. I also made salad and two ice cream cakes. A few of my favourite people brought salads and a veggie tray. There was punch and candy and chips and no one went hungry. The funny part is that I did the cooking right in front of Spencer and he never once asked what I was making, or why. At the time, I thought maybe he suspected something and just didn't want to put me in an awkward spot, but later he said he just didn't notice and hadn't suspected a thing. Hmmmm. Not sure if I should be worried about that.

A poster I made for the party.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, the party was a big success and all the work was Worth It.
I forgot to post this video the other day, although you may have already seen it on Instagram.

Spring Break Part 4

What, there's more? As if spring break wasn't full enough, we fit in a few more things.

The biggest excitement is Neve's new braces. She got them last Friday. When I was young, braces weren't very common in my small town. I was horrified and saddened for the few people I knew that had to wear them (a lot more of us should have worn them, but it just wasn't the thing to do back unless there were drastic deformities. And often not even then). The braces in that era were like torture devices and the victims were ostracized and avoided. That was in junior high; by high school we were a little more mature and only teased them behind their back. Of course they had the last laugh; all of us crooked-teeth adults with huge overbites aren't so cool anymore. I still kind of wish my top and bottom front teeth were able to meet so that I could bite off celery.

Thankfully, things have changed. Not only is there no stigma now, it is a joy and delight to be privileged enough to wear braces. Due to us parents buying into the "our children must look perfect and have every advantage known to mankind" (Blue Cross benefits don't hurt either), apparently almost everyone is that privileged. The tables have turned and now the few kids who are blessed with straight, even teeth are saddened and left out. They can't join in the chatter about what colour of rubber bands to choose at your next appointment or the amenities of their orthodontist's offices ("Does your orthodontist have a Keurig?" "Yes, but does yours have a colourful display board where they write the name of all kids with appointments that day?"). Those poor kids.

I'm telling myself that we got off easy with only one kid that needs braces. Neve did have some pretty major issues that weren't going to fix themselves. And purple rubber bands! So Worth It.

Anyway, getting the braces on took only about 45 minutes. That was an expensive 45 minutes. I was under the impression that it was an all-day thing for that price. I'm currently watching YouTube videos to learn how I can start my own braces business.

It went well and Neve was pretty pleased with her new look. Her mouth got a little sore toward the end of the day, and the next couple of days were uncomfortable. But every day it gets better, although she still finds the flossing procedure tricky.

Pardon the questionable grammar.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think Neve looks more like the top picture. She kind of looks like a happy little elf.

After the installation of the braces, Spencer, Neve and I went downtown on a milkshake quest. The White Star Diner was our original plan, but to our dismay, we discovered it was closed down. An internet search showed their new location was opening on Kennedy St., so we zipped over there. Unfortunately, it's not open for business yet so we went to Plan B which was VJ's on Main Street. We each got a delicious shake (and brought one to Chloe at university) and I drank the whole enormous thing and didn't eat again for hours.

Another thing I did last week was go to Fabricland. I have a thing about fabric stores. A bad thing. I remember being dragged to them as a kid. My mom spent hours in fabric stores and I found them so painfully boring. On the rare occasions that I've gone as an adult, things have not improved. The shelves of fabric bolts are chaotic and the staff is miserable. This time was no exception. The workers were expressionless at best and rude at worst. They look like zombies, putting up with their lot in life with no joy or hope. Maybe that's harsh but that's been my experience.

Fortunately my friend Kristin navigated our way to success and we left with some lovely fabric for a window covering for Chloe.

Imagine my surprise when that very day, I saw this on a radio station's social media page. They delivered a prize or something to that very store and the photo shows the employees smiling ... laughing even!

So they're only zombies when they're on duty? They turn into normal people in the break room? I guess that's one of the mysteries I will have to ask God about when I get to heaven.

And then! Dale and I went BACK to the fabric store later that week to buy the fabric to cover Neve's balance beam. Twice in one week! I should be good for a while now.

And that's a summary of our spring break. Which ended a week ago. Must get on with life.


someone said...

45 minutes to put braces on?? does she have them on the bottom as well?? I do NOT remember it being that quick. Mind you, this was 33 years ago, so... However I DO remember the discomfort in the days after. Expect that to happen every time they are tightened!!

I LOVE the birthday poster. That's pretty funny!!

xo Sio

Marco said...

It is amazing that the braces only took 45 minutes to put on. I can remember when I had braces put on as a child. It seemed to take hours. The advances in modern dentistry never ceases to amaze me. Glad to read that the kiddo got her teeth straight though. She will appreciate that when she is older.