Sunday, May 28, 2017

This one's mostly about Spencer

It's been a busy week and this next one promises to be the same. I'm still feeling unorganized and a tiny bit overwhelmed. I'm dedicating this day to getting things accomplished and feeling on top of things by Monday morning. It's a tall order and a long list, but the cool and rainy weather is on my side.
My first step is to empty my brain of all the things I've been meaning to write. Except for the trip update, which will be delayed a little longer.
Last week was filled with work, appointments, yard work and planting flowers, Neve's piano recital, and also some coffee dates, a lunch with friends, a lovely outdoor happy hour, drinks at Mona Lisa with Bob & Janet, and last night my nephew and his girlfriend came over on short notice for homemade pizza. I'm also training for the Manitoba half marathon so I got a few long runs in. It was a really good week, just very full.
Spencer is currently in Toronto with his Reach for the Top team, competing in nationals. Communication has been minimal, as it usually is with Spencer, but he's gotten a little more chatty as the weekend goes on. Maybe he misses us. Wouldn't that be something? When he comes home, he might be a different person, hugging us and regaling us with stories of his adventure and wanting to spend every minute with us. Yeah. If that happens, I'll be sure to let you know.
Anyway, at the end of the day yesterday, the top 12 teams moved on to the next level and Spencer's team was in 5th place. Apparently there was some drama and injustice as the 4th place team won by a questionable method (challenging a tie-breaker question that they got wrong - even though their answer was wrong, the judge threw out the question which won them the game). This morning, Spencer's team won their first game and plays the "questionable" team this afternoon.
They didn't think they'd do this well since the competition at nationals is pretty tough, so I'm happy for them. Spencer gets home Monday evening so I'm hoping we'll get more details of the trip then.
In a surprising and exciting development, he decided to get a haircut before the trip. Here's the before & after pictures:

Who knew he had ears??

When the girls get a dramatic haircut, they don't want me to post pictures until they've shown people in person and experienced their reactions first-hand. Spencer is the opposite. He hates when people freak about it and has worn a hood since the haircut. So if you see him, just say "nice hair" in a very chill way, and then ignore him. Better yet, don't say anything at all. I should write a book on how to deal with sullen teenagers. Except if this is my best advice, maybe I should be reading books by actual experts instead of writing my own.
That's all the time I allotted for blogging ... on to the rest of my list. Happy Sunday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nice hair, Spencer.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

Yo, Elle, come here a sec, will ya?


That's CRAZY!!!! I do love his mop. But the short hair looks good, too. Man, I wish I was in his brain at the moment he decided to cut it off. Just to see what was happening at that moment.


And can't wait to here about RFTT!!

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Wowee!! What a contrast!!

Congrats Spencer on making it this far in the competition!!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Sio. Great stuff. :)

Yeah, Spencer.

In my dealings with sullen teenagers, I would be wanting to ask Spencer if there was a certain girl on his Reach for the Top team...especially since he's hiding the new style under a hood. Ahem.

Oh man. A haircut, a possible national RFTT championship AND a girlfriend. Whoa.