Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake weekend

I keep telling Summer to slow down already but it just won't listen. I feel like I've barely started enjoying it and we're well into July. I need to stop stressing that I'm not enjoying every second enough.

One awesome summer thing we did was spend this past weekend with my family at my sister's cottage. After the responsibility and stress and emotion of their daughter's wedding last weekend, my sister and brother-in-law somehow summoned the energy and effort to invite the entire family to the lake for the weekend. So instead of enjoying some much-deserved peace and quiet, their cottage was filled with people and kids and food and noise and happy chaos all weekend. Oh yeah, and Bob had a bike mishap earlier in the week that resulted in bruised ribs and other aches and pains. They are troopers.

Neve dislocated a rib a week or two ago after landing on her neck on the trampoline. Since then, her gymnastics moves have been limited. It feels odd to see her walking instead of flipping and tumbling like usual. Well okay, she's jumping here.

We label our cups so we don't have to wash or waste too many. I like this pic of Bella and her bright eyes.

Lexie was working on her summer "bucket list." I should have taken a picture of her list since "visit Auntie Ellen" made it on there. She kept us laughing - from telling her mom it's "not the time" for Sabrina to say "I love you" (in front of others), to making a memorial for a dead ant (that's ant, not aunt).

Lori brought not one, but two AMAZING trifles.

My parents
This cutie was pretty fun to have around (his hands are full of sand)
Playing Codenames

and Boggle ... looks like no one's having fun here...

and Sluff, which appears to be a hilarious game. "Bring it in, ladies!"

Jan had sparklers so we tried our hand at light-writing. It took us a few tries.



Okay, a lot of tries ... and a lot of sparklers ...

And finally ...

Success! (except why I didn't move the lounge chair three feet to the right, I'll never know.)

The boy taking a break from The Communist Manifesto for some lighter reading.
Dan in his element on the sailboard
And of course, lots of tubing...

Spencer and I made the mistake of pretending we were bored with our tube ride...
... a mistake I won't make again. (maybe)

Boat babes
To top off the festivities, it was Janet's birthday on Sunday. Like always, we made the kids go stand with the birthday girl for a photo because it looks lonely when the birthday person is all by themselves. I think this tradition harkens back to the days of film when the thinking was, "If we're going to take a picture anyway, we may as well get as many kids as possible in the picture because this might be the only picture we get of them this year."

Just when you think things couldn't get any more magical, a rainbow appeared on Sunday night. At one point it wanted to be a double rainbow, but it couldn't quite muster up a complete second arc.

So there you have it. One full, busy, delicious, loud, fun, active weekend at the lake. I was planning to come home Sunday but ended up staying until today because it was hard to leave. A huge thank you to Bob & Jan for sharing their awesome place with us.


Anonymous said...

wow! You guys are having the best summer ever!!!!!

P.S. You just need a few rook games in there and some Marco Polo!

Anonymous said...

Boggle is a very intense kind of fun. :)

I love the backward S in Friesen that took a few pics to sort out.


Anonymous said...

The sparkler spelling was amazing!! I also loved the backwards S. Too funny.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

PS - landed on her NECK and cracked a rib?? Thank God that's all that cracked!!

xo Sio

Stephen said...

My favourite part is Dan's shade in the Boggle game :)